Modern education and its impact on life

Education has an immense power and has the ability to do contagious things on the society. Flaws found on the education systems are high which ruins many potential minds which can make many revolutions on the society.  When the flaws has eradicated,  the possibilities are high to found what is inside black hole or finding the extra terrestrial lives in this universe. Cutting edge technology so far invented on the society is because of the intense interest of the scientist on certain niches.

Education System

The first flaw in the education is compelling the student to learn everything. We might come across some students who is poor on scoring marks or grades but exceptionally performs on single subject.  Making those types of students to learn everything is a sheer stupidity. You can teach all the necessary things but expecting them to score high is no wise thing. It would be better if a teacher or the education systems helps the children to concentrate on something that they curious about.  When they get specified on certain things, they can make revolution on the particular field.

Practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge should be balanced while teaching the children. When the balance gets reduced, the students fail to understand the concept. It just becomes waste of time on your life. Teacher should never hesitate to answer the stupidest question raised by the student.  Potential of the children should not be evaluated through their scores but their interest and adaptability on specific niche should be taken on count.

Technology and science is not the only knowledge on this world.  Even agriculture, managements, cooking and there are many things in this world.  Depends on the curiosity of the students, they should be taught.

The teacher must have the efficiency of handling the questions of the students. Education must tone them to be the better person on their life. It must give the knowledge about what is good for them and what not is.

There are many YouTube channels have emerged on the society with the ideas of making revolution on the education. The people who had found the flaws on the education system and thinking to change it are the one who started those channels. Hope these changes on the society will make a good change on the society and also for the human clan.  Hope you get good time by reading this blog.

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